BOOK REVIEW | Dear God, Mommy has Cancer by Barbara McCoskey

By | August 26, 2013

Author: Barbara McCoskey
Publisher: Truth Book Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-937089-93-1
Genre: childrens / cancer

How does a family face the shock of cancer together? How do parents answer the tough questions? “Mommy, are you going to lose your hair?” “Daddy, Is Mommy going to die?”

This story is told through the eyes of a child. It will guide you through the stages of a family’s journey. You will read how through faith, prayer, song, family unity, and community, they faced t heir fears and the unknowns of cancer.

“I will not die but live, and proclaim what the LORD has done. Psalm 118.17 (NIV)

As a fellow victim of cancer, I could relate to the topic of DEAR GOD, PLEASE HEAL MOMMY’S CANCER. And it was nice to meet the author at ICRS. My youngest child was three-years-old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and we faced all the questions addressed in this book. What I really liked is that there were pictures included of the various machines in there so the child could “excerience” the journey. If the parent is going for radiation, then they can see the picture of the machine that does it.

If a parent, grandparent, or friend gets cancer then DEAR GOD, PLEASE HEAL MOMMY’S CANCER is a great book. I couldn’t find it on Amazon when I looked, but it is available here:

$18.95. 61 pages. Proceeds are going to The Homeschool Foundations Widows Fund

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